Benefits of applying psychological skills?

Unleashing Confidence at the Core.

Mental practice techniques have been used for decades by sports psychologists to help athletes perform at their highest level.

Applying these same types of mental techniques to our daily lives and our own individual and personal goals can have a profound impact on how we perceive and interact with the world.

Education & Training

The Intentional Mind offers educational and training sessions to introduce and solidify mental practice techniques to develop an intentional mindset.  


Read articles on how to apply psychological techniques to your everyday life.


Bring psychological skills education into your school, business, or teams. Learn more about our programs.


Workshops, events, and group facilitation dive deep into the mental techniques and practices.

The Mental Techniques

And practices for an intentional mindset.

Understand, develop, and practice the mental techniques to help you thrive in life.
Learn how to harness your personal…


Identify stress, anxiety and emotional arousal triggers. Learn the techniques to manage, label, and work with the triggers to address the situation. 

Inner Voice 

Train your inner voice to be a language coach utilising multiple self-talk methods, positive meaning, and awareness of negative impact words. 


Distinguish the difference between distractions v diversions, values v principles, and focus v attention.  Then learn the skills to apply this new learning to life.


Use the skills of your personal goals, visualisation, and strengths to make intentional decisions in communication and actions.

Articles to Get You Started

Dive into the psychology and neuroscience of an intentional mindset.  All of our programs are based around evidence-based research and utilise only techniques that have been tested with positive outcomes.

What Exactly Is Inner Speech?

When I was going through therapy, ten years ago, I learned a lot of thinking tools. Those tools not only pulled me out of the depression spiral but continue to encourage and help me through life today. Many of these thinking tools require some form of inner speech, which is why I find this topic so fascinating.