qualified and inspirational trainer and thinker of Psychological Skills application.

Beth E Lee, MBA, MSc

With an MBA in Marketing, Beth spent 20 years working within global corporations, NGO’s and SME’s working in teams and in leadership roles. 

She has lived in 5 countries and in 2019 received an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health and a British Psychological Society approved Psychological Coaching Certification. 

Beth has worked with creative executives, HR leaders, and project managers in the organisational environment. She has also worked specifically with expat individuals and families to help overcome psychological blocks to change.  

With her array of business experience, cultural experience, and mindset experience, Beth listens to her clients to develop programs specific to their needs while staying true to the evidence based education and delivery.  Her programs aim to develop a flexible and intentional mindset. 

She is a qualified and inspirational trainer who will give you the psychological skills to thrive.  Contact her today.